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The Andre Lani custom fit sessions allow our clothiers to schedule a dedicated time for our clients to take advantage of our knowledge and experience our well seasoned custom clothiers have to offer.



Andre Lani Bespoke invites you to experience the world of Custom Tailoring where you have access the finest Custom Hand Made Suits and Shirts right in your own city. Centered around individuality every aspect of our unique process has been carefully crafted and cultivated to ensure that your experience with us is as fitting as your future wardrobe.

Our ethos is that of craftsmanship using only the finest quality fabrics and a dedicated team of some of the most experienced tailors in the business, to create hand made one of a kind garments designed specifically for each client. At Andre Lani Bespoke we don’t cut corners but we have cut out the middleman. This means the Custom Made quality at affordable prices.

For over four decades Andre Lani Bespoke has held fast to time honored Sartorial Traditions of Bespoke Tailoring while embracing the ever-changing realms of fashion and style.

We believe that every garment, especially suits, reflects the personality of who wears them, in essence they tell a story. What will yours say about you?

Not all men are cut from the same cloth, neither should their clothes.


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April 17, 2017

Do the Groomsmen’s Tuxedos have to Match the Groom?

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April 6, 2017

5 Steps On How To Dress Well For A Man

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Dressing for Success

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  • I went to Andre Lani and got a great custom suit. there were lots of options and I ended up with a one-of-a-kind garment, with personalized details that are hard to find elsewhere. He was also very responsive to finding the right cut for me, and now it's the best fitting suit I own.
    Nathan G.
  • I have never had clothes that fit me so well. I expect that I'll be wearing Andre Lani's clothing for many years. A bit of an investment upfront but if you need a suit for any reason, it's worth it.
    J Chen.
  • I went to Andre Lani to have my wedding suit made. I knew I wanted something special but still practical enough for everyday use. With Andre Lani, I was able to select from a vast array of fabric and style options for a genuine custom product.
    Nolan S.
  • Excellent costumer service, they go above and beyond with the tailor experience and really get something unique that you love! I had a sports jacket made that goes with everything, but the inner lining and extras elevate it to the next level.
    Marcus Myers
  • A great experience... Personal service... Best fitting clothes I ever have had!!
    Leslie G.
  • Prior to coming to Andre Lani I felt like I was relatively well-dressed. I bought trim fit suits and shirts at Nordstrom and always had them tailored to fit. For a coming set of professional interviews I was encouraged to try Andre Lani out though and boy am I glad I did.
    Colin M.
  • I had an excellent experience ordering a custom suit.  Andre was very helpful in designing the exact style I was looking for and the attention to detail on the finished product was impressive. The quality of the materials and craftsmanship brings my highest recommendation.
  • I needed a new interview suit, and Andre Lani delivered exactly what I was looking for. He took the time to work with me to get the specs exactly right. His personable nature, broad knowledge of fabrics and design, and attention to detail make him one of the best designers I know.
    Richard B.
  • The premise here is a simple equation of value and service - at this price point I do not think there is another clothier that can match the quality of this experience.
    Russ R.


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